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Sometimes a customer may prefer to not start up Zend Server automatically on the IBM i at IPL.  This article tells how to prevent the automatic startup.

Note: If you do want to have Zend Server start automatically, but it isn't working, here are some articles that can help:


Zend Server for IBM i version 9 or earlier, running on any supported version of IBM i


Note: Where you see "ZENDPHP7", you can substitute "ZENDSVR6" or "ZENDSVR" to match your version.
This is done to make the article more easy to read.

To prevent automatic start up of Zend Server, please do the following:

Work with *SBSD QSYSWRK and remove the Autostart Job Entry for Zend Server. It should look something like this:

Version 9:


Version 6,7, or 8:


Version 5:


The name of the entry may be different, but the job description will be ZSVRIPLD and the library will match your version of Zend Server.

You can remove it with a command similar to this:


Remember to use the actual job name that you see on the listing that matches your version of Zend Server.

This entry is also responsible for starting the ZENDPHP7 (or ZENDSVR6 or ZENDSVR) Apache instance. So, in most cases, this should be all you need to do to prevent any start up of Zend Server and the Apache instance. However, if the global default for HTTP Server Autostart is *YES, you will need to set it to *NO for the ZENDPHP7 Apache instance.

To check for global autostart, please PROMPT (use F4 instead of Enter) the following command:


After you look at the Autostart value, use F12 or F3 to exit the command without changing anything.

The first attribute is Autostart. If it is set to *YES, you need to specify that the ZENDSVR6 instance will not autostart. This is done in the IBM Web Administration utility.

If you have not done so, you first need to start up the ADMIN instance of Apache:


Then you can access the Web Admin at an address like this (substitute your actual IP address for the IBM i, (you do not need the <> characters)):

http://<your IBM i IP address>:2001/HTTPAdmin/

Sign in with a profile that has *ALLOBJ and *IOSYSCFG special authorities.

Under the Manage -> All Servers -> All HTTP Servers tab, click on ZENDPHP7.

This should bring up the ZENDPHP7 instance for management. In the menu to the left, find Server Properties -> General Server Configuration. Under the General Settings tab, the first Directive you should see is Autostart. It is probably set to Global, which means do whatever is set for all servers. Change it to No. Click Apply.

Note: If you no longer autostart Zend Server, it might be handy to start it with a batch program.
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